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TreeHouse International School Global Culture

At TreeHouse International School we recognize that each of us is a cultural being.
We value the similarities and differences each person’s cultural heritage brings to our lives.
We celebrate and share our diversity on a daily basis both inside and outside the classroom
in order to enrich the learning experience for our students and the whole school community.
We bring cultural celebrations into THIS in a variety of ways. We welcome guest speakers,
parents and other family members to come into class to share their experiences and
traditions. We host cultural celebrations. We share food, songs, stories and drama from
around the world.
Equal opportunity culture
All students will have a fair opportunity to join an IB programme and to meet its standards.
It is the aim of the School to provide places for all members of the community. In case of a
student's concern of lack of knowledge or confidence to join such a program, the school will
provide the students and their guardian the needed resources in order to ease the
admission process and learning procedures.

Supportive culture
The leadership team and teachers will continue to encourage students to reach their
potential. Meetings and discussions will continue to take place in order to ensure the
learning process is supervised and monitored. Evidence will continue to be collected and

Ethical culture
TreeHouse International School will continue to successfully develop a culture of integrity,
respect, open minded, manners, care especially in relation to academic as well as
interpersonal honesty.

Internationally-minded culture
TreeHouse International School embodies Internationally-minded culture ever since its
foundation. At TreeHouse International School we embrace that each of us is a cultural
being. We value what each person's cultural heritage brings. Through the DP core, students
should develop excellent breadth and depth of knowledge. The IB programme aims for
students to flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

Growth culture
Advice and collaboration with high academic systems such as the IB and the WASC ensures
supervised high standard curriculum and teaching/learning strategies.

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