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Elementary School Grade 5 Curriculum

Personal and Social Education

T.H.I.S students develop an awareness of their self-identity, strengths and weaknesses. They learn to recognize, communicate and manage their own feelings, reflect on their abilities and behavior and set achievable personal goals. Grade 5 students learn about changes and discuss appropriate conflict choices, learn about individuals or groups who have significantly influenced other individuals or societies.


Grade 5 students develop their language skills and abilities as they explore available topics, resources and materials and work in a language-rich atmosphere. They explore the many forms of literature and writing, including persuasive, narrative, poetry, descriptive and report writing. Different units of study capitalize on different aspects of language arts: writing, reading, listening, speaking and observing.


Grade 5 students work with coordinate systems and data; reading and writing numbers to the trillions and hundredths; improper fractions and mixed numbers; addition and subtractions of fractions; multiplication and division of two-digit numbers; geometric vocabulary; bar graphs, data and spreadsheets; angles and measurements.

Social Studies

Grade 5 students study people who have helped shape the past, present and future through their ideas and actions; early colonization until American Revolution.


Grade 5 students learn about the body’s systems; explore forces and scientific principles of motion, space and technology.


Grade 5 students use a wide variety of art materials, tools and media, and are encouraged to use the environment and their imagination in their work. Students make initial sketches and learn that artwork requires thought, planning, effort and revision.


Grade 5 students are able to learn a string instrument and subsequently deepen their music theory study and focus on learning proper tone production.
Grade 5 students enjoy music through singing, dancing and playing both games and instruments. Reading music and following the conductor are essential skills.

Physical Education

Grade 5 students do a variety of activities, including dance, fitness, coordination training and cooperative games, on a range of equipment. Students learn abut teamwork, balance, agility, action and reaction. Grade 4 students have one 60-minute P.E. session per week and one 60 minutes session of tennis, swimming or surfing.

Additional Languages ( i.e.French/Spanish/German/Hebrew )

Every student whose academic standards allow an additional language, have the choice of French, Spanish, German or Hebrew. (Minimum amount of children needed.)
The lower school additional language program aims to develop and improve comprehension, expression and grammar. Vocabulary, grammar and research are integrated into the program according to the student’s level. Students learn about customs through cultural activities.

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