Grade 12

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High School Grade 12 Curriculum


Precalculus – In Precalculus, students extend their work with complex numbers from Algebra II. They connect their understanding of trigonometry and the geometry to express complex numbers in polar form. Students will begin working with vectors, representing them geometrically and performing operations with them. They connect the notion of vectors to the complex numbers. Students also work with matrices and their operations. They see the connection between matrices and transformations of the plane, that a vector in the plane can be multiplied by a 2×2 matrix to produce another vector. They also find inverse matrices and use matrices to represent and solve linear systems. Students extend their work with trigonometric functions, investigating the reciprocal, functions and their graphs and properties. They also work with polar coordinates and curves defined parametrically, and connect these to their other work with trigonometry and complex numbers. Finally, students work with more complicated rational functions, graphing them.


Alongside Grade 11, Grade 12 explores physical and human geography. The course introduces the foundational concepts that we use to map and visualize the earth: from latitude and longitude to topography and ecology. The course also presents concepts of human society: demographic and cultural studies, and basic elements of anthropological inquiry (building on many of the concepts learned in the previous year). After establishing these concepts, the course explores the unique geographical situation of world regions.


Environmental Science –Environmental science is the systematic study of the intersection humans and nature. An interdisciplinary field, environmental science draws from many areas of inquiry to help us understand the worlds in which we live and our proper role in them. Grade 12 will learn about the most amazing features of our planet and that they are the self-sustaining ecological systems that make life possible and the rich diversity of life that is part of, and dependent upon, those ecological processes. They will discuss the concerns about pollution and land degradation dated back at least 2,500 years. They will also analyze population growth, food shortages, scarce energy supplies, air and water pollution, and destruction of habitats and biological resources are all serious threats to our environment and our way of life.

Health (Grade 10-12)

The health education program in grades ten thru twelve is designed to enhance the awareness and knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices. Students will develop skills needed in confronting difficult situations; understand health prevention and promotion techniques that will establish a solid personal health education; and become health literate in making positive and healthy decisions. The following units will be covered in health:

  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Body Composition and Eating Disorders
  • Mental Health and Stress
  • Violence Prevention
  • Body Systems
  • Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs
  • Diseases
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Human Sexuality and Pregnancy
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