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Admission Policy

Parents must agree to the THIS Admissions Policy before enrollment. By signing your application for admission you agree to the terms and conditions stated below. The application forms, documents, and fees need to be received by the Admissions Office by Day of registration.

TreeHouse International School serves the educational needs of the international community in the area. Admission is open to all students who, in the school’s opinion, will benefit from a challenging, international, English language education which prepares them for higher education and a life of challenge, change, and purpose. THIS admits students whose academic, personal, social and emotional needs can be met by the school’s programs and services, and who can be integrated into mainstream classroom subject to availability at the time of admission.

Descisions with respect to

  • Initial grade placement
  • Promotion from one grade to another
  • Retention in a particular grade

  • continued attendance at THIS

are based on academic, personal, social and emotional aspects of student’s school record.

THIS reserves the right to dismiss or ask student be withdrawn if

  • the student’s best interests and needs cannot be met effectively by the school’s programs and services
  • the student’s behavior is deemed to jeopardize the welfare of the school community

  • significant information is withheld from the school; or

  • school fees are not paid in accordance with THIS Financial Regulations.

Students are placed in a class compatible with their age, development and previous school performance. The student’s official school records and teacher recommendations must be submitted before a final decision on a grade level placement is made by the Principal.

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