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Welcome to Anita’s TreeHouse

Our youngest students, (ages1- 4 year olds) attend school in a villa in the heart of Herzliya Pituah. Our beautiful villa and garden provide a warm, welcoming start to School life. Our Pre-Kindergarten (also part of the Preschool Program) is located at TH2.

As this is a child’s first encounter with school life, it is essential for our Preschool Center to have caring supportive adults who nurture the development of the whole child through positive and challenging experiences. Play is an essential part of a child’s beginning years, and many of the learning opportunities are created and extended through play-centered activities both indoors and out. Classrooms are exciting and stimulating environments where each child’s development level is considered and accommodated.

It is always exciting to see young children develop the confidence to manage their own personal needs, take risks and begin to grow into independent learners.

At Anita’s TreeHouse, this is a daily occurrence.

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