Grade 8

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Middle School Grade 8 Curriculum


This course aims to develop enthusiastic readers and writers with insight into the reader-writer relationship. Students will gain confidence and fluency of expression in the use of English through studying the writing process, preparing oral presentations and reading both independently and as a class. In addition to guided practice in active listening and group dynamics, students increase their vocabularies and improve their grammar usage, spelling and mechanics.


This course extends students’ math skills and covers algebra topics. Students study the following major topics by solving simple and compound inequalities: Problem solving by algebraic methods, evaluating and simplifying rational variable expressions, identifying and applying math properties, solving multi-step numerical and variable equations, applying exponent rules, identifying misleading statistics graphs and solving and graphing linear equations.

Social Studies

Students learn about World Geography and World History from 1914 to the present day.


This is a physical science-based course covering chemistry, physics and earth sciences.
Students read, write, analyze, predict and research information. They also take lecture notes and are engaged in a variety of hands-on activities.


Grade 8 students use a wide variety of art materials, tools and media, and are encouraged to use the environment and their imagination in their work. Students make initial sketches and learn that artwork requires thought, planning, effort and revision.


Grade 8 students are able to learn a string instrument and subsequently deepen their music theory study and focus on learning proper tone production.
Grade 8 students enjoy music through singing, dancing and playing both games and instruments. Reading music and following the conductor are essential skills.

Physical Education

Students learn about fitness and its benefits through studying and participating in a wide range of physical activities. Activities include team games (ball handling and fundamental skill development), individual sports (gymnastics, swimming, surfing, tennis and dance) and fitness (circuit training, stretching and warm-up exercises) .

Additional Languages ( i.e.French/Spanish/German/Hebrew )

Every student whose academic standards allow an additional language, have the choice of French, Spanish, German or Hebrew. (Minimum amount of children needed.)
The middle school additional language program aims to develop and improve comprehension, expression and grammar. Vocabulary, grammar and research are integrated into the program according to the student’s level. Students learn about customs through cultural activities.


All Grade 8 students are required to take Mandarin with Additional Languages (French/Spanish/German/Hebrew) also being offered in Grade 8.

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