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Kindergarten Curriculum

Personal and Social Education

Children learn to recognize and communicate their own feelings and emotions in appropriate ways; develop an awareness of their self-identity, and show self-confidence, self-worth, and increasing independence. They demonstrate awareness of and respect for the views, rights and differences of others.
English kindergarten Israel children learn that while homes look very different throughout the world, they still provide similar experiences for families.


Children engage in speaking and listening in a wide range of activities- in small groups, large groups and individually. Reading and writing are introduced in purposeful contexts through play-based activities involving written and visual texts. Children practice their emergent understanding of literacy and approximations are accepted and valued. They are introduced to a wide range of strategies for accessing meaning from text and for constructing written and visual texts.


kindergarten in Israel students further develop understandings of addition, subtraction, measurement, probability and spatial/relationships through concrete experiences and creative applications. They start to learn appropriate ways of recording Mathematical concepts.

Social Studies

In our English kindergarten Israel, Children explore how people’s culture and environment influence the type of home they choose to live in. They learn about man-made and natural resources and consider the impact of their use.


In our kindergarten in Israel, Children learn about simple machines and how they help in our daily life. The study man-made and natural materials, consider the environmental impact of their use, learn what happens to these materials after use, and how it can be re-used.


In addition to the art that children do in their classroom activities they attend Art class once a week with an Art specialist teacher.
A wide variety of art media is explored to express children’s ideas, observations and feelings. Children are introduced to the “Artist of the Month”, specific art vocabulary and respond reflectively to the artwork of famous artists. .


Children are involved in music activities in their classroom but also attend a music lesson once a week with a Music specialist teacher. They have a growing repertoire of songs and use instruments to compose accompaniments to songs, stories and poems.

Physical Education

Children have Physical Education classes twice a week. Activities include fitness, coordination training, dance, gymnastic and co-operative games. They gain knowledge about teamwork, balance agility and action/reaction, and are introduced to a healthy lifestyle and ways to exercise for fun and fitness.

Practical Life

Practical life activities include a wide range of tasks from brushing teeth to setting a table. Children take active part in classroom duties i.e. lunch service, responsible for water bottles etc. These activities address the child’s basic desire to feel competent and independent.

Additional Languages ( i.e.French/German/ Hebrew )

Children have the opportunity to learn an additional language during two 30-minute language lessons per week. The lessons are age appropriate and lots of fun. They listen to stories, sing songs, learn easy rhymes and play games in French/German or Hebrew.
Children start to use simple phrases and increase their vocabulary in personally significant words and phrases. They also learn about the cultural events through out the year.

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