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Elementary School Grade 2 Curriculum

Personal and Social Education

T.H.I.S students develop an awareness of their self-identity, strengths and weaknesses. They learn to recognize, communicate and mange their own feelings: reflect on their abilities and behavior: and set achievable personal goals. Grade 2 students examine the workplace and the skills people need to complete their roles successfully.


Grade 2 students develop listening, speaking, reading, writing and observational skills by exploring topics, materials and resources that are meaningful to them. Students develop language skills and understandings at individual rates and continue to refine and extend them throughout the Lower School years.


Grade 2 students work with number patterns; the commutative property; reading and writing numbers to 1,000 and using their subtraction facts to 10; addition and subtraction equations to 100; congruency and 2-D and 3-D shapes. They also work with bar graphs, probability, units of measurement, area and volume.

Social Studies

Grade 2 students examine roles people have in the workplace and the interconnectedness of these roles, and learn about the geography, climate and culture of Israel and how these features are interconnected.


Grade 2 students explore physical, social and emotional health; study climate and geography; learn about water as a natural resource and study the connections between animals and their habitats.


Grade 2 students use a wide variety of art materials, tools and media, and are encouraged to use the environment and their imagination in their work. Students have art lesson once a week. Grade 2 art work is often connected to Units of Inquiry.


Grade 2 students learn to enjoy music through singing, dancing and playing both games and instruments. They begin to read, create and experience music and are exposed to simple rhythms and melodies. Students also perform for others. Grade 2 students start with string lessons (cello or violin).

Physical Education

Grade 2 students do a variety of activities, including dance, fitness, coordination training and cooperative games, on a range of equipment. Students learn abut teamwork, balance, agility, action and reaction. Grade 2 students have one 60-minute P.E. session per week and one 60 minutes session of tennis, swimming or surfing.

Additional Languages ( i.e.French/Spanish/German/Hebrew )

Every student whose academic standards allow an additional language, have the choice of French, Spanish, German or Hebrew. (Minimum amount of children needed.)
The lower school additional language program aims to develop and improve comprehension, expression and grammar. Vocabulary, grammar and research are integrated into the program according to the student’s level. Students learn about customs through cultural activities.

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