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“Children are learning with all of their senses…”

… and we, the staff of the English Pre elementary school, will do our best to payattention to all of those senses.

Each child is special and is entitled to an individual and stimulating education in a warm, family like environment. In our early childhood education in israel We aim to make this a reality while keeping the balance between individuality and socially acceptable behavior.

“Play is a young child’s work and a significant medium for the development of physical,
emotional, social, and academic growth.”

Anita’s Treehouse teachers expectations are based on the abilities of each child.
The children participate in math and reading readiness activities, cooking, art, social studies and science.
Enrichment activities are offered outside the routine classroom activities.
The time periods for these activities are geared to the attention spans of the children.
Gym teacher, music teacher, pottery teacher, nature teacher (animals) and a computer teacher are scheduled to work with the children on a regular basis.
The playgrounds are utilized during recess for large motor play.

The following curriculum areas will be covered in the Pre-Kindergarten’s center:

  • Play

  • Language

  • Mathematics

  • Additional languages (i.e. french, hebrew, german)

  • Physical Development

  • Nature Science

  • Art

  • Music

  • Dramatic Play

  • Cooking

  • Garden Projects

  • Computer

Each child will have the opportunity to spend time, in small groups and, on a rotating basis, in the various centers.
The centers will be planned and conducted according to each child’s needs and learning style.

Our main goals are

  • Fun!  firstly, we want your child to enjoy coming to Pre elementary school.
    In cheerful and stimulating surroundings, a small group of children work with their teachers, building friendships in an atmosphere which is warm an open.
    To help each child to become a productive member of the group.
    Each child’s efforts are appreciated and respected.

  • To realize the individual needs and abilities of each child, to act upon them and to enhance them thereof.
    To help the child express him or her self.

  • To provide an atmosphere of encouragement in which your child will feel confident to try new things and to satisfy his/her curiosity.
    To develop feelings of self confidence and security.
    To build good habits of work, play, and social living.
  • To extend the child’s understanding of the world around him or her.
  • To provide experiences from which readiness for reading, writing and arithmetic develop.

Each child will have the opportunity to spend time, in small groups and, on a rotating basis, in the various centers.
The centers will be planned and conducted according to each child’s needs and learning style.

Pre elementary school Curriculum

Personal and Social Education

Children learn to recognize and communicate their own feelings and emotions in appropriate ways; develop an awareness of their self-identity, and show self-confidence, self-worth, and increasing independence. They demonstrate awareness of and respect for the views, rights and differences of others.


Children engage in speaking and listening in a wide range of activities- in small groups, large groups and individually. Reading and writing are introduced in purposeful contexts through play-based activities involving written and visual texts. Children practice their emergent understanding of literacy and approximations are accepted and valued.


Children are introduced to the concepts and language of Mathematics through play situations. Counting, sorting and classifying concepts are all rooted in real-life contexts so that children begin to understand complex concepts through concrete experiences.

Social Studies

Children learn about themselves, the way individuals interact with each other and what it means to be part of a school community.


Children observe and explore nature. They learn about living and non-living things in the school environment and how it is vital to care for all living things.


Children explore a variety of art media and history as part of their daily class activities.


Children take part in a range of musical activities and develop a repertoire of songs and rhymes as party of their daily routine. They enjoy listening to classical music and creating musical sounds using instruments in free play and planned activities.

Physical Education

Children discover the capabilities of their bodies and the variety of ways they can be used. They are exposed to a variety of activities which will develop motor skills and coordination.

Practical Life

Practical life activities include a wide range of tasks from brushing teeth to setting a table. These activities address the child’s basic desire to feel competent and independent.

Additional Languages ( i.e.French/German/ Hebrew )

Children have the opportunity to learn an additional language during two 30-minute language lessons per week. The lessons are age appropriate and lots of fun. They listen to stories, sing songs, learn easy rhymes and play games in French/German or Hebrew. They also learn about the cultural events through out the year.

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